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Save smartly and easily with EnergyFlip

With an average annual saving of €350, EnergyFlip quickly pays for itself.

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Control your energy consumption


Experience immediate insight into your consumption and save smartly and permanently on your energy costs with EnergyFlip, now permanently reduced to €59!

Our goal is to make it easier for everyone to save on energy costs, without sacrificing quality. In fact, we have expanded our services with new functionalities, including our improved app and web portal, including new data export function.


With an average saving of €350 per year, you will earn EnergyFlip back in no time.

Take advantage of free shipping and a 30-day return policy now.


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After I purchased EnergyFlip I was surprised how fast it was to set up. It pays to get it. Within 1 years you will win back your investment because of the more energy awareness you get.

Sezer Danisik

If you really want to save, the EnergyFlip is highly recommended.
The app makes you very aware of what you’re doing and motivates you very strongly.
By the way, without sitting in the cold.

Zweekhorst Reinder

Good way to understand your energy consumption independently from your energy supplier. For me, for example, rest consumption was very high, which I have now been able to reduce considerably.
Good and fast service when something went wrong.

O. de Graaf


Accurate view of electricity and gas use

Independent of your energy supplier


Save on average €350 a year

Smart handling of your energy


Identify energy-guzzling devices

Tips on how to make savings

Make saving energy easy

Every year we spend around €2,000 on energy alone. That’s a lot! A significant amount of that energy is not actually needed, or just wasted. People are increasingly asking if things could be smarter. Yes, they can! EnergyFlip is the answer.

EnergyFlip gives you accurate insight into your energy use, helps you to track down ‘leaks’ and offers useful tips on how to make savings. This will reduce your energy bill  by €350,- and reduce your CO2-foodprint.

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Greater insight into your solar panels

Do you have solar panels and a smart meter? EnergyFlip shows you exactly how much electricity you’re feeding into the grid. If you’re interested in how much electricity your panels are actually generating and how much you consume? Order the solar expension pack extra with your EnergyFlip. Easy for an electrician to install!

Tip: we’ve made this information video on how to read out information on your solar panels using our app.

Independent home energy manager

We’ve already helped thousands of families to understand their energy use

EnergyFlip is made by Aurum in Breukelen, a 100% independent Dutch company. We specialise in the development of smart technology to help you manage and minimise your energy use. For private households, housing associations and businesses. And often in collaboration with other organisations, including Engie, Remeha and Vodafone.

EnergyFlip was created in 2017 in collaboration with the Consumentenbond. Back then, it was called Huisbaasje. In 2021, we changed the name to EnergyFlip. Our heart is here, but our ambitions are truly borderless!

Take control of your energy consumption and order EnergyFlip

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