Greater insight into your energy use

You can track energy use and feed-in easily and accurately with EnergyFlip. The most commonly used, independent home energy manager in the Netherlands, developed in collaboration with the Consumentenbond. EnergyFlip works with all types of meter.

News: Huisbaasje becomes EnergyFlip! Read more here.

A return in no time!

Real time: €99.00*

EnergyFlip costs €99, and you will save an average of €125 in the first year. That’s a quick return! EnergyFlip allows you to monitor gas and electricity use in your home in real time. Soon, you will also be able to monitor district heating, charging stations and heat pumps.

Privacy protected: your data is always your own.

Buy with confidence with a two-week cooling-off period.

Installed on any meter in just 5 minutes.

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Your personal energy consultant

Fits all meters – smart, digital and analogue

Every year, we spend around €2,000 on energy alone. That’s a lot. A significant amount of that energy is not actually needed, or just wasted. People are increasingly asking if things could be smarter. Yes, they can! EnergyFlip is the answer. EnergyFlip gives you accurate insight into your energy use, helps you to track down ‘leaks’ and offers useful tips on how to make savings. Plus, if your energy contract is about to come to an end, you’ll automatically be notified that it’s time to switch.

Greater insight into your solar panels

Coming soon – district heating, charging stations and heat pumps

Do you have solar panels and a smart meter? EnergyFlip shows you exactly how much electricity you’re feeding into the grid. If you’re interested in how much electricity your panels are actually generating, you should opt for the extension kit. Easy for an electrician to install! Just send us an e-mail telling us that you’d like to order the extension kit. Tip: we’ve made this information video on how to read out information on your solar panels using our app.


Accurate view of electricity and gas use
Insight into feed-in from solar panels
Independent of your energy supplier


Average €75 saved on gas
Average €50 saved on electricity
Accurate prediction of annual bills

Idle load monitor

Handy idle load monitor
Identify energy-guzzling devices
Tips on how to make savings

Doing better than your neighbours – who doesn’t want that?

EnergyFlip predicts your annual energy costs.

Working from home? That’ll cost a little more on heating!

Ik kijk elke dag even hoeveel we terugleveren. Dat voelt toch wel goed! Toen we net de app hadden geïnstalleerd schrokken we wel van ons rustverbruik. Deze bleek 180 watt te zijn. Dat zij mij eigenlijk niks maar de app liet goed zien dat dat best veel was. Het bleek de oude vriezer in de schuur te zijn. Nu is ons rustverbruik 80 watt. Veel bespaard.

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EnergyFlip fits any meter – smart, digital and analogue

EnergyFlip consists of an app and a device – the ‘gateway’. When you order EnergyFlip, you’ll receive the gateway at your home. Follow the step-by-step guide in the app to connect the device to your gas and/or electricity meter. Download the app now and try out our free demo.

Genuine Dutch

We’ve already helped thousands of families to understand their energy use

EnergyFlip is made by Aurum in Breukelen, a 100% independent Dutch company. We specialise in the development of smart technology to help you manage and minimise your energy use. For private households, housing associations and businesses. And often in collaboration with other organisations, including Engie, Remeha and Vodafone. EnergyFlip was created in 2017 in collaboration with the Consumentenbond. Back then, it was called Huisbaasje. In 2021, we changed the name to EnergyFlip. Our heart is here, but our ambitions are truly borderless!

EnergyFlip was originally called Huisbaasje. Watch the video to learn about the name change

Can we help you?

You can read more about EnergyFlip on our product pages. Our support page provides answers to some frequently asked questions. Can’t find an answer? Send a message to We’ be happy to help!