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We have already helped more than 10,000 Dutch households take control of their energy use. Many of them have told us what they think of EnergyFlip. Have a look below to see some of the reactions.


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Cheap and simple, with nice design. Was easy to connect, and they have a very helpful and friendly support team!


New year, so new intentions! With Energyflip, it was plug and play and direct insight and overview of my consumption and therefore cost. This allows me to act real-time.


Works all super! Easy-to-connect put the app on your mobile phone, Plug and Play. It’s nice to see what the solar panels deliver real-time. With this dark weather of the last few days practically nothing!!!! So I’m very curious what they will be doing on a summer day. I didn’t have time yet to reduce my stealth consumption, at least a shorter shower….


Happy Times Challenge

Energy tip of a user

Maartje challenged us: To put our dryer out and drying rack in! Because an average household (where the dryer is on 2-3 times a week) will lose about 400 kWh of electricity to the dryer every year. That comes down to almost 100€!

Read more on her blog CHALLENGE #14 – Droger eruit wasrek erin! –

Saskia of

Energy tip of a user

‘The high cost of gas and electricity hits everyone in their wallet. As a result, everyone seems to be looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption. To take more control of your own energy usage, it’s useful to have real-time insight into your consumption so you can instantly change your behavior. Measuring is knowing, right?’

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