A ready-to-use business package to achieve energy goals

We help our corporate clients with real-time insight into energy consumption and generation with a white label home energy manager. With this valuable energy data for organizations, we are making a change in residents’ behavior.

The EnergyFlip app is very suitable for housing corporations. Why? Because it is an energy solution in a box. No big investment – no risk – ready to use. And the possibility to deliver as a whitelabel home energy manager with functionalities, responsiveness and quality, but with the look & feel of your company! Please contact us for a quote. Also attractive for energy companies, heating companies, schools, other communities and building management.

Advantages for housing corporation

      • EnergyFlip is self-installable for residents
      • Residents have a great willingness to take other sustainable measures after they start using an energy app
      • Residents save 10% on average
      • The corporation can monitor which sustainable measures have a greater effect. EnergyFlip provides very valuable (anonymized) energy data from the housing stock

These organisations are already enjoying the benefits:

Noordoost TwenteTalisBeter WonenDuurzaam Bouwloket – Wooncorporatie Mijande – Stadsverwarming Purmerend – Energieloket Enschede – Eigen Haard – Rabobank – Warmtebedrijf Ede – Change= – Welkom Energie – Zeeuwse Gemeenten

‘By equipping rental properties with EnergyFlip, you can kill two birds with one stone. You involve residents in energy conservation, thereby fostering understanding for future measures. In addition, you also gain better insight as an association into the energy performance of your housing stock and where savings might lie.’ – Marc de Beijer, Aurums

Choose EnergyFlip or opt for your own white label version

The EnergyFlip app has been designed to be offered as a white label product. The same functionality, responsiveness and quality, but the look and feel of the client’s brand.

• See the white label home energy manager for Welkom Energie here

• See the white label home energy manager for Energieloket Enschede (Enschede local authority) here

Our corporate proposition is called EnergyGrip.
Visit www.aurumeurope.com or get in touch to discuss the options.