Solar expansion pack

Greater insight into your solar panels


With solar panels you generate sustainable energy yourself. You use part of that power directly yourself. This is your gross consumption. With the solar expansion pack , you can read your gross sonsumption in addition to you generation and feed-in.


The pack consist of a gross production meter and a cable and can esily be installed by a certified installer (electrician).


This extension set is intended for an EnergyFlip and 1-phase connections. Do you have a 3-phase connection, or a measuring plug, or are you not sure? Please contact our service desk.



Next day delivery if ordered before 22:00 | Free shipping in the Netherlands & Belgium


How it works

Do you have solar panels and a smart meter? EnergyFlip shows you exactly how much electricity you’re feeding into the grid. If you’re interested in how much electricity your panels are actually generating and how much you consume? Order the extension kit sun extra with your EnergyFlip. Easy for an electrician to install!

We’ve made this information video (for now only in dutch available) on how to read out information on your solar panels using our app.

This is how you use energy from solar panels even smarter

Excess electricity produced can still be fed back to the grid. This is called netting. However, this netting arrangement will be phased out from 2025. It is therefore smart to adjust your power consumption to your power production.

Is your power production from your solar panels high? Then turn on energy guzzlers such as the washing machine, dryer or dishwasher. In this way you use the sustainable electricity generated by your solar panels and not the electricity from your energy supplier.



Solar expansion pack


Analogue or digital meter sensors