Energy insights with EnergyFlip


With EnergyFlip you get live insight into your energy consumption. 

The handy app shows your current gas and electricity consumption, shows standby consumption and regularly gives you smart tips to save energy. This way you save an average of €150 per year on your energy bill.

Do you have solar panels? Then EnergyFlip will of course show you your generation, feed-in, but also gross consumption with the solar expansion pack. This way you make optimal use of your generated energy.

EnergyFlip is very easy to install on both smart and analog meters.


Next day delivery if ordered before 22:00 | Free shipping in the Netherlands & Belgium



How it works

Order Energyflip

One-time payment of € 99,-

EnergyFlip is delivered free of charge and orders before 23:00pm are tomorrow at your home (only in the Netherlands and Belgium)

Download the app

For free

Create an account to check out the demo version

Intall the gateway

Quick and easy

There is a connector to connect the gateway to the P1 port on your smart meter. The power cable goes in the electrical socket. You then activate the app and you can start saving energy!

The energy manager EnergyFlip can do this

There are various energy consumption managers on the market and these appliances last for years, so you naturally want to make the right choice. That is why we made an overview for you of what EnergyFlip entails.

  • Very user-friendly mobile app
  • Quickly detect standby consumption and energy guzzlers in your home
  • Easy to install measuring box
  • Regular notifications with smart energy saving tips
  • Access to generation, feed-in and gross consumption of solar panels with the solar expansion pack
  • Receive a notification when your energy contract comes to an end
  • No extra in-app costs for features such as historical data

Because with EnergyFlip you can quickly and easily tackle your standby consumption, receive energy-saving tips and use generated energy in the smartest way, our customers save an average of 150 euros per year on their energy bill. You earn back EnergyFlip in less than a year.

Truly real time

As soon as the gateway and app have been connected, you’ll get a ‘live’ view of the energy being used in your home. If someone switches on granny’s old table lamp, you’ll see your energy use go up. Left home and can’t remember if you switched the heating off? Check the app and you’ll quickly know. And, if you’ve got solar panels and the sun finally comes out, you’ll see your feed-in go up right away. You only need to order solar expansion pack extra with your EnergyFlip.

Get to know your house

EnergyFlip helps you to get to know your house and your devices. It does not only show you the wattage, but tells you what is too much and what isn’t. The app gives you a clear overview of your energy data over time. Great if you want an idea of your energy consumption before renovation and to see the result of the measures you’ve taken afterwards.

Independent of your energy supplier

EnergyFlip is completely independent of your energy supplier. Energy firms cannot ‘snoop’. Plus, EnergyFlip also alerts you when your contract is about to end and you are eligible to switch. That way, you won’t become a ‘loyal customer’ of your energy supplier – stuck on an expensive, lengthy contract. Plus, if you’re moving, EnergyFlip can go with you!



Solar expansion pack


Analogue or digital meter sensors