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Solar expansion pack 1-phase model 230

Solar expansion pack 1-phase model 230


  • Read your generation and feed-in
  • Read your gross consumption
  • Ordered before 22:00, delivered the next day
  • 14 days return policy

Product description

With the solar expansion pack, you can read your solar panels out optimally. In addition to feed-in, you can also see what you consume, your gross consumption.


This solar extension pack is intended for an EnergyFlip on a smart meter (so it is incompatible with a measuring plug or analog meter). We have an extension pack available for a 1-phase connection or one for a 3-phase connection. Are you not sure which connection you have? Please contact your solar panel supplier or electrician.


Please note

The pack consist of a gross production meter and a cable and can esily be installed by a certified installer (electrician). Please note that only your solar panels are on the group and that no consuming devices are connected to it,  otherwise no proper measurement can be made. Additional installation instructions can be found here.



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Clear insight into your consumption and feed-in. Great help with the installation.


Works all super! Easy-to-connect put the app on your mobile phone, Plug and Play. It’s nice to see what the solar panels deliver real-time. With this dark weather of the last few days practically nothing!!!! So I’m very curious what they will be doing on a summer day. I didn’t have time yet to reduce my stealth consumption, at least a shorter shower….


We have chosen EnergyFlip, because it can display our energy consumption and feed-in of the solar panels in real time (with the solar expansion pack). And that independently of the energy supplier.

The app also looks nice and clear for iOS.

Hans & Karin

How it works

With solar panels you generate sustainable electricity yourself. Initially, you use that electricity directly at home. If you produce more than you consume, you supply power back to the electricity grid. With EnergyFlip and a smart meter, you measure how much power you take from the grid, but also what your feed-in is.

This is how you use the energy from your solar panels even smarter

Excess electricity produced can still be fed back to the grid. This is called netting. However, this netting arrangement will be phased out from 2025. It is therefore smart to adjust your power consumption to your power production.

Is your power production from your solar panels high? Then turn on energy guzzlers such as the washing machine, dryer or dishwasher. In this way you use the sustainable electricity generated by your solar panels and not the electricity from your energy supplier.