Analogue or digital meter sensors

Read your analogue or digital meter

Most people in the Netherlands now have a ‘smart’ digital meter. The sensors for the analogue and digital (not smart) gas and electricity meters are therefore not standard included with your package, but can be ordered extra with your EnergyFlip. You will receive two sensors, one for your gas meter and one for your electricity meter.


Be aware that the sensors can be taped directly onto the meter. If there is a sealed plastic housing around the meter, the sensors are unfortunately unable to carry out the measurements properly.


Are you not sure what kind of meter you have? No worries! Send a message to We’ be happy to help!


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How it works

Are you going to install? Then start the installation process in the app. Installation of the sensors is explained in an FAQ article; Installation aid analogue/Digital Meter (with sensors) – EnergyFlip (for now only in Dutch available)