EnergyFlip real time

The most commonly used, independent home energy manager in the Netherlands

What’s in the box?

EnergyFlip consists of a small device, known as the gateway, and an app. There is a connector to connect the gateway to the P1 port on your smart meter. The power cable goes in the electrical socket. You then activate the app and you can start saving energy. If you have an analogue or ‘regular’ digital meter, the gateway is just as easy to connect; you simply need an additional sensor that you can order free of charge. In either case, follow the step-by-step instructions in the app and they will guide you through the installation process. The gateway itself uses around 2 watts, which is less than a mini LED bulb.

Truly real time

As soon as the gateway and app have been connected, you’ll get a ‘live’ view of the energy being used in your home. If someone switches on granny’s old table lamp, you’ll see your energy use go up. Left home and can’t remember if you switched the heating off? Check the app and you’ll quickly know. And, if you’ve got solar panels and the sun finally comes out, you’ll see your feed-in go up right away. This will be of particular interest in the future if the solar panel netting scheme is wound down, as it’ll be far more economical to run the washing machine when the panels are generating plenty of electricity.

Get to know your home

EnergyFlip helps you to get to know your home and your devices. It does not only show you the wattage, but tells you what is too much and what isn’t. 1482 watts, for example, is too high for a vacuum cleaner, but perfectly normal for a kettle. The app gives you a clear overview of your energy data over time. Great if you want an idea of your energy consumption before renovation and to see the result of the measures you’ve taken afterwards.

Independent of your energy supplier

EnergyFlip is completely independent of your energy supplier. Energy firms cannot ‘snoop’. Plus, EnergyFlip also alerts you when your contract is about to end and you are eligible to switch. That way, you won’t become a ‘loyal customer’ of your energy supplier – stuck on an expensive, lengthy contract. Plus, if you’re moving, EnergyFlip can go with you!

How it works


Order EnergyFlip for a one-off amount of €99 and download the app to your smartphone or tablet. EnergyFlip is delivered free of charge.


Install the gateway. You now have real-time insight and can save an average of €125 in the first year. You can share the app with other members of your household.


You can enjoy EnergyFlip premium for two years. After that, premium costs €1 a month, or you can use the free basic version. Access is always guaranteed.