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Generation and feed-in from solar panels

Need an extension kit?

If you have solar panels and a smart meter, your EnergyFlip app will show you exactly how much electricity you’re feeding into the grid. But, if your washing machine is on, you’ll use (some of) the electricity generated yourself. In which case, you’ll be feeding in less than you’re generating. If you want to use the app to see just how much your solar panels are generating, you’ll need an extension kit. Watch the video to see how it all works.

Generated in total by the community


We saved that much by generating electricity ourselves. All EnergyFlip with solar panels have generated a total of 9253468 kWh of energy.


The average Dutch energy bill

Curious to know if your energy use is higher or lower than in the average Dutch household? Our energy experts have created an enlightening infographic to illustrate the energy use of Dutch households. From the average electricity use of an apartment dweller to the gas used by a detached house. See the infographic by clicking on the button below and see how you score!

Jan from Apeldoorn

An energy tip from a user

Jan from Apeldoorn e-mailed us with the following tip: I had two uplighters in my living room, each with a 200 W halogen bulb. The lights are on for around four hours every day, dimmed to 75%. Annual consumption: 2 x 0.2 x 4 x 365 = 584 kWh x €0.22 = €128! I have removed them and replaced them with two LED models. That is saving me 440 kWh or €100 a year!

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